Author: B
Genre: romance
Length: 843w. Oneshot
Fandom: To The Beautiful You/Shinee
Pairing: Minho-Sulli
Disclaimer: The story belongs to me.
Sinopsis: Minho liked you, how could you call the world unfair?

“You’re pretty when you laugh like that,” Minho’s words startled you.

You are pretty? Well, how would you not blush into that? “You cheesy!” you pretended not to like it. Although your face showed something completely different.

He smiled gorgeously then ruffled your hair. You could tell he is a very caring person.

“So what do you like to eat today?” he asked, leaned his elbows on his knees, and looked at you right in the eyes.

Really, it was really hard for you not to blush like mad again. How he always managed to put you on the edge of going mad because of happiness? To prevent you from grinning stupidly, you pouted your lips loopsidedly. “Umm,” you started; you needed it unless you wanted to start being the dumbest here. “I’d like to eat… meat.” Yeah, smart. Meat.

He raised his eyebrows then looked at a point behind your ear. “Meat?” he seemed to think of something. “Pork?” he asked.

You squeezed your forehead slightly and said, “That sounds good, but I need to start eating less pork. Too much pork lately.”

“What about bulgogi?” he asked, seemed interested with your previous question but not questioning any further.

“Bo…ring…” you rolled your eyes. Ack, you just hate the smell of bulgogi on your dress. But that was definitely not something you wanted him to know. You hated to be seen as feminine as you had to be.

He chuckled and that pleased you. Oh whatever, he always pleased you in any ways. Widened your eyes, hopefully he would see those sparks in your eyes, you clasped your hands. “Lamb!” you exclaimed. “I want lamb. Let’s eat Arabian food!”

He scrunched his face, “I thought you don’t like spicy food.”

“But I like lamb. Let’s go get it,” you insisted.

He laughed like an adult he was and you had to duck down to calm your heartbeat. You liked him. You liked everything about him. You liked him, period. “Okay, okay,” you heard him said. “We’ll go get Arabian food. Know where’s the best place?”

You slipped a strain of hair behind your ear then shook your head no.

There was something in his eyes when you did that. What now? You wondered.

Blame it on your instinct, you realized something had changed in the way he smiled. He was just very polite to show it more than a vaguely vague gesture.

“Shall we go now?” he asked as he stood up.

You nodded eagerly. You also stood up and reached for his arms. Yeah, you two were couples; yeah, Minho had told you—and everyone that matters—that you two were together; and yeah, you liked that fact a lot you wanted to jump hug him if only that wouldn’t make him turned you down. Because Minho liked you as the short-haired-but-pretty Sulli. He liked you and showed it when you were all but feminine. He liked the tomboy Sulli and that made you think short hair was the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

Then he scratched behind his ear uncertainly. Oh no.

He did that when he disliked something you did. He did that when he wanted to tell you that you did it wrong. He did that and you freaked out; Minho Oppa didn’t like something about you!

“Oppa, what’s wrong?” you felt afraid.

“Ng? Ah, nothing.” He smiled and you still felt insecure.

“No, tell me. What’s wrong? You don’t want Arabian food?”

He looked guilty. You knew it. You knew Arabian food is stupid idea. You should have not—

“No, it’s not it,” he got your attention, now. You needed to pay a full attention to him. “It’s just,” he losened your grip on his arm. “This is just too close. It’s hot tonight.”

You freezed.

He patted your hair and smiled widely at the frowned you. “Let’s go?”

Why in the world you forgot how to respond nicely?


You should not forget that. However he didn’t know how hard it was for you to act as close as possible to be like Taemin. No he didn’t have to know that you know exactly what was going on in his mind when he saw you and said he liked you. It was really not necessary to tell him that you do realize how Taemin avoided him and therefore you got the chance to act as the boy.

That meant you should not hold his hand. You should not put your hair behind your ear femininely. You should not grin stupidly next to his side. You would walk and act and talk as manly as you can, and let Minho stayed by your side because he thought he could like you a little bit.

He looked worried now, so you had to regain your sense quickly.

“Nothing, Oppa.” It was impossible you would call him Hyung, right? Otherwise he would know. “Let’s go.” Yes, that was right, Sulli-ah. Smile and forget the ‘little bit’. He was with you, not Taemin.

At least for now.