239w. Drabble.


Can we kiss? I really want to kiss you. Teach you to move your lips the way I like it, tell you the right pressure to make my lips blossom, show you how to lick properly. Can we kiss? Please, please, please?

“Oppa, sign here juseyo…”

“Yeogi?” you asked, eyelashes bat prettily over those high cheeks.

“Ne, yeogi-eyo. Juseyo.”

“Geundae…” you look at me seriously. “Can you speak Korean?”

“Ng… not really,” oh my God this is so embarassing.

But still I want to kiss you.

“But… you look older than me. Oppa?”

Sure this is embarassing.

“I mean, I should be the one call you Noona, right?”

Whatever, I just want to call you Oppa. “Ng, if you want to…”

And that laugh you make, melt me.

“Okay, so what do you want me to say?”

Kiss me. I want you to say ‘kiss me’ then I’ll kiss you thoroughly. “Please say whatever you want to say there. Something you have in mind right now.”

Oh your thinking face is super cute.

“Okay, then. Here you go. Don’t read it until you’re home, okay?”

“Haha, it’s hard.”

Yes, yes, laugh with me. Hard and happy. Juseyo.

“Thank you for coming to this fansign event…”

“Anio, thank you, Oppa. Kamsahamnida.”


“Oppa, hanbondo.”

“Ne? What is it?”



“Can I kiss you, Oppa?”

Shit. What did I just say?

Shit. Your face.

Shit. Rejection is pain.