196w. drabble. PG. When we were connected and I felt completed.


Do you know that feeling when you just think it was right? Doesn’t matter what it was, the key is the ‘right’ word. Felt like you’ve been led to the place of impossibly going wrong. You weren’t taught to, just be there right in time right in place, nobody whispered anything into your ear what to do, nor what to avoid. You believed your feeling somehow, somewhat, that it was destined for you.


Well, I do know the feeling. For I just feel it not so long time ago. It was when you came, sitting by my side, our arms were touching, and my shoulder just right before yours. I felt secure even though you didn’t pay any attention to me. Nothing so special with your body odor yet nothing so wrong. I breathed it like air I knew I would suffer without. I leaned to your body and you didn’t do anything but accepting me. It was so natural and magical at the same time. I felt secured and right in where I should belong to.


And I knew I am, when you turned around then looked at me simply to give me that smile.