(report) TVXQ jjang with baby

TVfXQ Fever


It is written by someone who is well known as a reporter in Kyushu area. Her name is Rie Emoto, she goes by Emorie.


Meeting THSK?

Fortunately, I was invited to THSK live tour 2013 TIME held in FUKUOKA YAFUOKU! DOME on the 25th of May. I went there feeling like their auntie.

“Did you get to see them in person?” “What did you say to them?” I’m sure lots of fans are curious. So, I’ll let you know everything. This is between you and me, OK?

As a result, I got to see them and we had a talk!

It’s been almost a year since we last met. They haven’t changed, which is a good thing. (I’m talking about their personalities)

Yunho said to me “You haven’t changed either! You have a dogan (baby-face)!” I was surprised at the fact that they even knew such a…

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