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HyukWook. 1,830w. Oneshot. Bromance (not really yaoi, but could lead to it). Unbeta’ed. http://wp.me/p1rQNR-pr


Well, it was not a mistake that when those big round eyes looked at him fiercely, he just knew that they will never be separated again. Something in the kid’s eyes reminded him about himself in a lot kind of way. The difference was the kid was smiling instead of grinning—that only him did among lots of people of their kind. Not that it was a bad thing. The kid’s smile was wide and contagious. He found himself grinning as a reply and said, “Hello there, I’m Hyukjae. I love dancing.”

The boy flushed a bit and said that he loves to sing. He was kind of surprised that he was not that surprised to see the boy singing shyly when he asked him to. And being shy when singing didn’t mean the boy sang poorly. The fact was, Hyukjae kind of like his delicate voice, colored by hints of hitches when the boy took a breath. Hyukjae felt his heart fell fond unconditionally.

Hyukjae believed in destiny when he met one. They met as trainees then ended up as a bandmate. Even though they needed time to understand each other, Hyukjae somehow accepted easily every act the boy showed. Unlike his struggles when he had to face Heechul hyung or his often-running-low patience when he had to deal with Kangin hyung, Hyukjae laughed off every naughtiness the boy was made. Probably it had something to do with the fact that despite his over-creative mind to tease people, the boy always there when Hyukjae needed company. Or the fact that the boy somehow understood perfectly how to deal with Hyukjae’s mood even when he barely showed it. Or perhaps simply because the boy was his source of good food. Hyukjae was not sure which one. He just knew that it was destiny that brought them together.

Sometimes Hyukjae forced himself to think what exactly made their relationship felt so nice. It was smooth in a comfortable way. Their friendship worth every second, their interaction was not overrated but warm and completing, their affection was like a very close brotherhood. He never got the answers, though; either it was because it was way too confusing or he was never really have time to think as deep as needed. After all, the boy and he were doing well.

“Hyung, teach me to dance,” the boy asked sheepishly.

Hyukjae’s answer was a very wide gummy smile.

The next few hours, they’ve already soaked in sweat, panting from over-worked lungs. When finally they lay down on the floor, feeling the coolness of the wooden tiles, the boy laughed femininely, almost like a girl’s giggles. Hyukjae turned his head and found that the boy was shining. It was only light from the lamps, but it was beautiful nevertheless on the boy’s skin. Hyukjae almost forgot that the boy is a boy. He was just looked too smooth to be one.

There was also other time when Hyukjae felt like he’s married to a very dedicated wife. Warm food was there when he got home, the boy kept him company until they decided it was time to sleep. It was weird and not weird at all at the same time. They usually talked in low voices, didn’t want any disturbance interrupting their togetherness. It was almost intimate. They would share opinions, sometimes argued over some other opinions, but still… the moment was enjoyable. Compare to Donghae, the boy was his sanctuary after a hectic day.

One time after another, Hyukjae realizes the changes on the boy’s appearance. His baby fat was finally gone, his eyes getting firmer when he looked at other people, and he definitely had gained much more confidence about himself. Once his shyness gone, Hyukjae found out that the boy was one fond of skinships. He liked to touch, to care, to be close to the other. Even the originally awkward Teukie hyung eventually had given up. The boy was just too sweet to be ignored. Hyukjae’s favorite moment was whenever he needed a massage and the boy was just happened to be around him. That was like meeting spring when you awfully thirsty. “Ah, you’re the best…” he will praised the boy.

Life went on and they were getting busier. All of them barely have time to stick all together. With his skill in dancing and talking, Hyukjae has an obligation to keep working on so many shows. That kept him apart from the boy; who’s more obliged to earn money by attending any activities required singing. They barely met each other.

Hyukjae was not complaining, though. By the time the finally met, Hyukjae felt very good. It’s always worth it to listen to the boy speaking—or squeaking in response to Hyukjae’s stories—about his activities. Hyukjae will pat his head softly, then eventually demanding for a back massage. Hyukjae never held himself in front of the boy. Even though he often saw tiredness in his eyes, Hyukjae knew that by being asked to do something, the boy felt needed and with that he fulfilled his emotional needs. It’s good to know that in that little thing, Hyukjae was able to keep the boy happy.

Lately, they’ve been quiet apart. With his new job the boy has been very close to Sungmin, his partner. Hyukjae has other stuffs to do so he didn’t really have time to keep the boy company. But that night, that night, Hyukjae looked at the sky and the supposed to be black sky, seemed blue under the radiant of a full moon. The sky was clear and starless. Hyukjae suddenly got the urge to sleep over in the dorm instead of going home to his parent’s house.

The dorm was dark when he got there. He didn’t bother to check the others. They most likely would still be somewhere out there, working, or they were sleeping already. He reached out a bottle of juice from the fridge and stepped out to the balcony. Glanced down, he recognized some sassaeng fans aiming their cameras to his direction. Hyukjae only responded by lifting his juice and gulping down the fruity liquid.

He was standing there almost half an hour before the front door was beeping and voices seeped in. he left the balcony and smiled to two people who just came in. “Hi,” he said.

“Lee Hyukjae!!!” Sungmin raised his voice up to show eagerness then reaching out to slammed his hand on Hyukjae’s hand. “You’re staying?” he asked.

Hyukjae nodded and embracing the slightly older man in warm gesture. Then he darted his eyes and saw the boy.

“Hyung!” the boy’s smile was so wide Hyukjae couldn’t help but smiling wide back.

Now with him, the high five and manly embrace won’t do, so he stepped forward and pulling him tight into his arms. “Yo, how are you, Ryeowook?”

Ryeowook giggled. Hyukjae smiled behind his head. How he missed this giggle. “Nice, hyung. Where will you sleep? Will you sleep with Teukie hyung? Have you eaten? Want me to cook something for you? Why so sudden? You should’ve told me you would come so I can prepare something, or at least buy something. Hey, how’s your musical? Everything’s okay, right?”

And Hyukjae smiled wider. Oh yeah, he missed the fussy Ryeowook. “My practice is fine. Oh, I got this dancing part so exciting to do! Awesome with so many people involved. You should come to see me practice. Ah, but I’m tired. I actually come to ask you to massage me.”

“Yah! I’m not your servant!” Ryeowook jokingly squirming out of Hyukjae’s embrace.

Hyukjae pouted and caught Sungmin’s gaze. His bestfriend tried to hide his smile and said, “You two, don’t get too carried away. You should work tomorrow, so try not to spend all the night talking. See you tomorrow.” He waved his hand and moved to his room.

Hyukjae plopped down on the couch and Ryeowook sat next to him. Just like that and they start their late night conversation.

While they were talking, Hyukjae observed Ryeowook carefully. How can the boy he met several years ago hasn’t change at all?

They talked about everything. Games, work, girls, their other members; the talk just kept going and they didn’t even think about what should be talked about. There were smiles, mocks, and pouts now and then that made the talks interesting. When eventually they both felt tired, they just fell into silence, contented just by feeling the other sitting next to them. Hyukjae rested his head on the back of the couch, folded his legs. Ryeowook followed and they were in that position until their eyes felt too heavy to be kept open.

Sometime in the middle of his sleep, Hyukjae’s awoken. He didn’t really sure why, but he snapped his eyes opened. It didn’t took him long to feel Ryeowook’s head on his shoulder and their legs had tangling to each others. Not really wanted to move, Hyukjae observed Ryeowook’s face. From this angle, he could see his eyelashes, the curve of his nose, and a turn on the corners of his mouth. Ryeowook was still too girlish to be said as a boy. Hyukjae smiled because he can imagine how Ryeowook would get mad if he knew what Hyukjae’s thinking.

Hyukjae nudged Ryeowook’s temple and the younger boy’s awoken. “Move. We will hurt our neck if we don’t move.”

Ryeowook rubbed his eyes and smiled sleepily. “Okay,” is the only thing he said.

Hyukjae flinched to free himself from Ryeowook’s legs. He was so sleepy, he doesn’t really care about anything. So when Ryeowook also moved and they were pulled by each other’s arms and ended up banging their head together, they just groaned in pain but didn’t really care when their lips were actually brushing each other.

Hyukjae made it to stand up first then Ryeowook followed. “I’m sleeping in Shindong’s room. Night Ryeowook,” he said with husky voice.

Ryeowook didn’t respond and when Hyukjae turned to see why, the boy was almost slamming face first on the floor. He was sleeping while standing. “Geez, Ryeowook!” Hyukjae snapped.

Ryeowook replied with a snore.

Hyukjae rolled his eyes.

That night, Hyukjae ended up snuggling under Ryeowook’s blanket after taking the sleeping boy to his bed. They slept side by side and only then that they realized they’ve been cuddling each other all night. But that was then—a few days later, another few days later, and other later days than later—when occasionally their minds remembering the event. They will get confused by why they keep remembering the thing and totally forget whatever detail they might do.

As for the night, Hyukjae felt warm and Ryeowook fell to the deepest sleep he’s ever had in a few years. That probably due to a body lying next to theirs, cuddling and warming. However, it’s always nice to have a curl of body to hold when you sleep after a full day of work.