My mind was stuck. My head was heavy. The afternoon was too bright. Some unwanted scent stick on the air I breathed, almost sickening. With so many problems I have to solve, I decided to stopped working and relieved my stress: putting words I like while DJ Okawari played nicely from my playlist. Instead of 5 or 10 or 15 like others already did, I did #7SongsChallenge to light up my mood. Note that this was a stress reliever, so beware of horrible grammar. You’ve been warned 🙂 [http://wp.me/p1rQNR-nI]


Baby it’s your touch. Light and vague, but drag every tingle on my pores. You lead me breathless. You got me catch a pant. And yet there’s a spot of warm flowing down my soul. I have no idea what you’ve done. I just know it’s the tip of your finger touching me.


Brown eyes

Before I can get what’s in front of me, it swapped me away. In between the notes and thin air, it closes my eyes. Not quiet, it’s full. Crowded. Diving into the blue of imaginations. Touch…less, sorely. I was mesmerized. And confused at the same time. It blows me to the top and suddenly I can fly. Piano twang linger around my breath.



The water falls down heavily. Moist everywhere. A mild sensation and soft scene floating around the tip of the tree. Green green leaves, blue blue sky, silver blinding clouds. Fishes swimming, rocks still. The taste of freshener define the view.  If that even explain a thing. Familiar yet friendly sound represent the music of nature. Never get enough of them. Never enough. Laziness. Smiles. It was just amazing.



People collapsed, just like economy. Entertainment changed, exactly the way clothes supposed to be. Twenty four seven is not enough. Society wants more, more than it can get. Slices of life scenes zap, surprising the looking eyes. Thoughts wondering… what if. What if the other way around, what if another decision was made, what if life just better. What if…


Flower dance

Peck on your lips is the ecstasy. More of more coming towards the need of touch. How can there’s a single tingle so strong from just looking? How big the feeling could be, will it swallow everything else but? Will it stayed for what they said as forever? Will the feeling fade away? And there is more. It is when your hair flailing around like it’s begging a touch. A touch so affectionate you want to shiver but just can’t. Because the touch is too light, as light as butterfly kisses. Or even lighter. But indeed, beautiful. As you.


A cup of coffee

Smoke swirling around the room. Busy people mind their own business. It was almost annoying to wait but bare with the situation is the only way to stay. At least the cigarette tastes good. With so many people acting strangely around, the waiting is not that bad. Besides, the music sounds rich, mingling with all the murmurs. Tehehe, what was life anyway, waiting must be worth it. If anything, late is something that is not out of ordinary. It will come in the end; yes maybe after several stuffs going on, but still, it coming. And the drop pulls a smile. The coffee is coming.


Brighter side

One pm during summer. You have to narrow your eyes in order to be able to see stuffs. Everything is too thick. Cars on the street in front of you, the spit of your driver, the texture of money in your hand. Filthy money. Or is it just nasty? Put it simple, it’s just dirty. Sticky sticky skin attached to yours. Disgusting. Then a call of your name break in. A you’re alright? is spoken. You smile. The afternoon is not that bad.