Once upon a time, there was a boy. His name is Him. He flew me up to the highest sky. And after, he threw me insanely hard. Hit the bottom. Leaving such basin there.

He passed me some kisses. Threw me such love. And finally pulled my bestfriend inside his hug, not me.

I’m not the cheerleader. I don’t heal. Anything that hurt me, left me the mark.
I’m also not a girl anymore. You are not a boy. We’re two adults. We fly high, with higher risk to fall.

So don’t, DON’T, ruin the balance. Let’s keep it save. It supports us to fly higher until the limit of our abilities. Because it’s a balance. It needs two actions in two different sides. Together.

I am thanking you for flying with me. And at the same time I am asking you, to keep us good.

Thank you once again, Sweetie.
For creating our glory days,
Winning our fortune souls,
With me.

– PS: It’s a wonderful date –